Welcome to Results Fitness Evolution, where health meets vitality and strength. We work with you to create a lifestyle solution, incorporating motivational group excercise, nutrition and mentorship to help you acheive your health, fitness and fat loss goals.

The Results brand was originally founded back in 2007 by Haydn Edwards, who wanted to offer a solution to the myriad of problems associated with getting and staying fit and healthy.

Generally our lifestyles have become more sedentary and more stress-filled. With less time to ourselves we have also turned to heavily processed, ‘convenience’ foods, and on the whole, society has never been as unhealthy.

 The confusion surrounding how best to exercise, how often, and what to eat and when – along with the media onslaught determined to sell various fitness products, training systems and fad diets – has led many to resort to these quick fixes, only to find disappointment and failure.

You see, NOT-ONE of these fads is genuinely providing you with an education on health and fitness. At RFE we believe “if you know better, you do better”. We don’t just train you, we empower you with the knowledge and skills to know what you are doing and why – the fundamental basics for a fit and healthy life!

We run sessions for Adults and youth.

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Haydn Edwards

For the past 16 years, Haydn Edwards has been involved in providing health, strength and fitness instruction and advice to a variety of teams and individuals, helping them to achieve their goals through the latest sound scientific training.

Influenced by his father who was a boxer and rugby player, Haydn became involved in both team and individual sports including football, rugby and martial arts. He was soon introduced to the weight room where he became a regular and then started his passion for powerlifting.

It was Haydn’s thirst for more training knowledge that led him to commence his studies in Sports Science which he successfully completed in 1997, adding a Sports Massage Diploma in 2005.

Haydn sees his career and passion as a lifelong study and as such is continually trying to improve his skills and abilities in order to pass on the very best training methods possible.

After moving to Australia, Haydn added further qualifications with a Certificate IV in Fitness and qualifications in advanced postural assessment and corrective exercise prescription and has attending numerous seminars, workshops and courses with some of the world’s leading physical and nutritional experts.

Haydn is one of Australia’s most experienced Kettlebell aficionados and has successfully implemented this amazing training tool into the Results Fitness Evolution training program. 

Haydn’s clients have ranged from state and national athletes, professional rugby players, martial artists and dancers, to the weekend warrior and the untrained and unfit.

It is Haydn’s quest to have more people achieve their health and fitness goals and he believes anyone can benefit from exercise by following a structured, physical preparation program.